Kink U at Renfaire After Dark

Kink U at Renfaire After Dark - 2018

Ever wonder what happens at the renfaire after the sun goes down? Well, we are here to answer that question with this 21 and older ONLY Event! Leave your Kids, Filters, and Inhibitions at home and party like it’s 1565!

This year, the Titans of the Midwest are thrilled to offer a Kink U at Renfaire After Dark!

Every Titans of the Midwest - Kink U event is free of charge, however, due to the secured location and general admissions cost of the full Renfair After Dark experience, Kink U pre-registration is mandatory.

There is NO COST to attend this Kink U event, attendees to the Kink U at Renfaire After Dark will be escorted to and from the Kink U event space to ensure compliance with all Renfaire After Dark admissions policies.

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Kink U at Renfair After Dark classes and instructor details will be published in April.